• Burgess Dyer posted an update 5 months ago

    1. Variety, they say, is the spice of life. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. So long as it does not make you uncomfortable or stressed, changing things up can add tremendous spark in your sex life. OPEN your sex-life.

    Objects – Toys, videos, candles, etc.

    Places – Outside, shower, kitchen, etc.

    Examples – Read and follow instructions from books, videos, other stories, etc.

    New – Try new things everyday

    If something doesn’t work, don’t worry and do not give up. Go with the flow to see how new and different you can develop ways and means to take variety for your sex life.

    2. Innovation is paramount to an exciting love life. Thinking creatively is how many complicated problems can be solved. Sex guides, Free animal, and therapy can assist you brush up your technique and learn new and ways to satisfy the challenges of the sex life. Don’t stop learning. Don’t stop tinkering with new and innovative approaches to connect.

    3. Communication is key. Really, connection and intimacy contributes to good communication skills. But if you are a good communicator, you can have a lousy sex life. Why? Most good communicators usually do not communicate with their partner about sex, orgasm, and what excites them sexually. We think that we really should have “natural” abilities because sex is so “natural”. Hogwash! Anything to be great at takes being able to communicate your requirements and desires clearly.

    4. Teasing – Playfulness could be exciting and alluring.

    Guys, try pleasing her with foreplay titillating her using the things you know she likes but withdraw from actually following through. Slow down! Make her want you even more if you take your time.

    Girls, since men are visual, try surprising him with something uncommon as he is leaving for work and backing from the driveway. He will be thinking about you and also getting home all day! At the same time make use of the approach above having a guy by starting and stopping intimate connection.

    5. Open your mind

    Guys need to begin to think with regards to a marathon rather than a sprint. Doing things for your significant other, taking your time and energy to kiss, caress, and express acts of kindness will go a long way in spicing increase sex life. Ask her what turns her on. Although you may think you know, try stepping into what she would like even if it will take her a little while to get you a response.

    Girls already know that guys are visual inside their stimulation so anything you do to visually stimulate them, they’ll be ready to go. Two things however, don’t quit if you are not successful. Some buy fancy lingerie, use it once, and when they don’t get the desired results, it goes back in the closet. Try asking him what turns him on (communication – see above) and listen regardless how weird it may sound.

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