Your Opinion of EA's Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2?

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    -)G(- Dr Doom

      Just curious on what everyone’s opinion of EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2?

      I have mine and would be interested in hearing what your thoughts are

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      Peace Keeper

        I hate EA. So yeah I haven’t played this series, because of my deep hatred.


          Was in the beta for the second one and it wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great enough for me to want to buy it. Plus, with all the negative attention EA brought with the crates/packs/whatever, I just skipped out on it. Also, most importantly… No Heroes vs Villians like the classic had. That’s enough for me to not get it 😂


            I played the beta as well; it felt like a re-skinned Battlefield more than anything. Plus the way EA did the loot crates plus the price left a bad taste in my mouth


              Did they fix center block?


                Battlefront 1 looked great, but it felt like a meat grinder with very linear maps and not enough variety. Vehicles were underwhelming, hero mode was underwhelming, and the spawn points for each was absurd due to people simply camping those location. Didn’t buy 2 because I figured it would be more of the same with subtle improvements. Glad I didnt after hearing the pay to win crates.

                -)G(- Dr Doom

                  Well it looks like we’re all in agreement, I felt pretty much the same way. I really wanted these games to be great and succeed after all the fun we had with the original Pandemic Battlefront 1 & 2 games.

                  Graphically and sound-wise, these games were outstanding. Probably the best looking and sounding Star Wars games to date. The maps visually looked superb and there was a lot of variety of locations in the Star Wars universe. Other than this, that’s about all the positives I had for them.

                  Battlefront 1 just lacked in game play and became boring pretty quickly for me. Vehicles overall were lacking and most ground vehicles were “fixed track” motion which was a step backwards from the original Battlefront games. Battlefront 2 was basically in my opinion an expansion pack for Battlefront 1 that was sold as a new game (typical EA move) There is a new Heroes vs Villains mode in Battlefront 2 that wasn’t in the beta that is actually fun to play, but it is limited to 4 on 4 combat, and it has to be “all good” vs “all bad” characters (no mixing up). There are various technical glitches and issues with each of the characters though as Sauron pointed out that make you want to run your fist through your monitor. I’ll get to them in a minute. Speaking of characters, this leads me up to what I hate the most.

                  Character unlocks. If I have to shell out $60 for this game, I don’t want to have to pay additional $$$ or play hundreds of hours gaining in game credit in order to unlock standard movie characters like Darth Vader, The Emperor or even Chewbacca. The whole crate system sucks and is nothing but a money grab for EA, which would have been worse if everyone hadn’t complained on Reddit and boycotted and cancelled their pre-loads.

                  Another item that I didn’t like was the server browser. They made it hard to filter and find servers and/or certain maps and regions. This is basic stuff that’s been in multiplayer online games for years

                  Technically there are issues too that are being reported, with the game itself crashing, game fails to launch, and a major lag issue after the 1.2 patch just to name a few. Here is an on-going list which is a bit too long to post here EA Known issues with Battlefront 2

                  Overall, EA’s Battlefront 1 & 2 can be compared to the Greek mythology’s Sirens, very beautiful voices luring you to your doom

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