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    Best Places to Sell Computers and Get Paid Fast In 2023

    In this blog, we will discuss where to sell computers online and the best places to sell, used or new. Best Places To Sell Computers

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    With prices of computer hardware steadily declining and technology needs rapidly increasing, companies are more likely to need to sell computers and replace servers, workstations, and other devices at a faster rate.

    This is especially true for businesses that manage large data centers or cloud hosting platforms. That’s because they need to keep their services running on the best-performing hardware available.

    In the event that you’re working with servers, not workstations or consumer-grade equipment, check out our guide specific to selling servers.

    Replacing an entire data center’s worth of computers and equipment is a significant investment. Nevertheless, part of what makes it cost-effective is the owner’s ability to sell or re-purpose the computers they no longer need.

    The challenge is deciding how to liquidate those resources and recoup the best benefits.
    A business must consider its own strengths and priorities when determining what solution is appropriate.
    Below are four strategies that large companies can take when they have computers and other technology to sell in large quantities.

    1. Where To Sell Computers: Local Buyers:

    Let’s say your company or data center is located in a region where technology companies are abundant. For example, a place such as northern California or parts of the East Coast. In this case, a logical solution for selling your computer resources would be to look for interested local buyers.

    These buyers can sometimes even be in the same industry. However, some companies may not want to broker deals to their competitors.

    At an executive level, company leaders can reach out to supply chain and purchasing vendors in the area and offer a summary of what they are offering for sale.

    Interested buyers will likely be looking for bulk discounts based on the quantity they are willing to purchase.

    2. Where To Sell Computers: Online Auctions:

    If a company believes there is a high demand for the types and quantities of IT resources they are selling, then an online auction can be an effective and profitable approach.

    These auctions, popularized by the site eBay, allow bidders from all across the world to take part in the purchasing process.

    Before launching the auction process, a company must first come to a valuation target for the equipment they are looking to sell.

    This can be calculated by using the original retail value and comparing it to the age of the devices. Although it may be easier to hire an outside firm to provide a full appraisal of the sale package.

    3. Where To Sell Computers: IT Recycling:

    Depending on the condition of a company’s IT hardware, consulting with a recycling firm may be a wise strategy to employ. This is especially true if the company plans to strip parts from computers and servers while only selling certain ones.

    In general, computer recycling will not be a very profitable exercise. Most recycling organizations will offer low payments if any at all.

    However, it is considered to be the most environmentally friendly approach. Simply because it prevents electronics from being dumped into landfills.

    4. Where To Sell Computers: Utilize Trusted Technology Liquidators:

    Technology companies have to move fast in order to keep up with competitors. A large part of that effort is maintaining strong infrastructure with high-performing hardware.

    As a company replaces computers, servers, and networking equipment, executive leaders may find that they do not have the time or knowledge to make an effective sale.

    Fortunately, there are computer liquidators that offer easy, fast solutions.

    exIT Technologies is an example of one of these firms. We specialize in the sale and re-purposing of a wide range of IT resources.

    Our company partners with large companies and data centers that may have a significant number of used computers to sell.

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