Returning Members <--- READ THIS


When registering for the new site, leave off the clan tag , -)G(-.  This can be added afterwards under your profile as the Nickname.

New members DO NOT add the -)G(-

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    Feb 20, 2018 @ 8:13 am

    Just to elaborate, we decided not to import the old forum info due to the cross-platform challenges and wanted to start with a clean slate, so this means that everyone will need to create a new user profile here.

    A new feature on this website is that a new profile has a user name (log in name) and a nickname (display name) and they can be completely different. Our new website does not allow certain special characters in the user name, such as the “)” or “(” so obviously the -)G(- tag wont work. The nickname (display name) will allow just about anything. Because of this, for security purposes, I would recommend creating a slightly different user name (log in name) than just your clan name minus the tags, in order to make it hard for a potential hacker to guess your log in name.

    For example: Log in name DoctorDoom, Nickname -)G(- Dr Doom (not my actual info BTW)

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