About Us


We are The Gathering


The Gathering Gaming Community, aka The G Clan, was established in 2004 by -)G(- Dr Doom and -)G(- ThePunisher.  The goal was to create a gaming community that promoted an environment of integrity, fair play and a comfortable friendly atmosphere for all its members to enjoy online gaming with one another.  The emphasis has always been on recruiting people of good character, and not necessarily based on their gaming skills alone.  This is what sets The Gathering apart from the rest.


The Gathering’s roots began with Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory and with its success, quickly other gaming divisions spun up, such as those dedicated to Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Star Wars Battlefront just to name a few.  The Gathering’s (Pandemic) Star Wars Battlefront 2 division was an epic success, with the launching of the first and extremely popular “Heroes vs Villains” server, along with the first “All Space Maps” server, in which both Gathering teams were frequent tournament champions in various league championships over the years.


The Gathering has evolved and changed over the years with the ever changing gaming landscape, but what hasn’t changed are the founding core values and the love of gaming.


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