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      Hello. I’m new here, but I came to seek out this clan because Mandalore from Battlefront II forwarded me to the clan’s steam page. I went to reach out and they told me to search Dr. Doom through this website. So here I am. I came to learn about particular things about the clan’s old days. Mandalore said they were probably the best clan for their time. Some prominent names were associated with this clan in its beginnings, like Mawk and Doroh. I’m curious what you can tell me.

      -)G(- Dr Doom

        Hi Jurassic! Thanks for stopping by on our website. Yes back when the (original Pandemic) Battlefront 2 launched, we opened a game division here on day one (basically ported our Battlefront 1 squad over to it) and ran a very successful game division that competed and won many online gaming tournaments. We had many members over the years and not meaning to brag on ourselves, but I believe we had one of the best assortment of players and most of all – great people.

        Were you a member here at one time or play on one of our many Battlefront servers back in the day?


          Neither haha. 🙂 Yeah I’m just an inquisitive guy into the game’s past. I noticed the clan tag on a few player names who were well known in Hero Assault! And btw, ty very kindly for the information. 🙂



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