Do you Stream games online?

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      We would like to build a new type of community here for us. A streaming community! Some of us have taken the leap of streaming our online gaming and a few are probably interested in trying. If you currently do stream or would like to try it and find out more about it, tell us. Right now the focus would be on Twitch but i know there are a couple of other places we might expand to (Youtube, Mixer). In the Twitch world, we could create a “Gathering” community were we can auto-host, raid , and promote each other.

      So if you stream, post your link below. We will setup a page dedicated to streamers here.

      If you would like to know more about setting a stream up, post here and we will setup a workshop.


        Hey, I would love to know who is all streaming to help host them!

        I just got affiliate and am streaming on twitch!

        Any support is appreciated! Thanks!!

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