Is this real?

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      The new site looks awesome! If we’re legit doing this again, I’m 110% down. This divorce has been rough and I’m ready to get back together with you again, -)G(-. The online community is filled with too much drama and toxicity, I don’t know why we threw away it all away. I miss the glorious gaming nights with no drama or butthurt bullshit. It’s been 6 years wandering alone in the wild, I’m ready to come home.

      In all seriousness, I’m excited and prepared to help you guys start rebuilding… If you’ll have me. I’ve missed this clan… It has all my favorite gaming memories.

      -)G(- Dr Doom

        Hey Erebus! Good to see you again and thanks for the compliments! Yes this is legit. Punisher and I have been working on the new website off and on for some time. We originally were aiming to launch it back when EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 released, but were disappointed with the game itself and decided to hold off and do some more refining on the site. We haven’t announced an official grand opening of the new site just yet, but glad you found your way here.

        More info to come

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          Good to see you back Erebus! Im ready to get some gaming on!


            Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the game either, but the site looks amazing! I’ll hopefully see y’all in discord soon and we can catch up.

            Peace Keeper

              Well we all know Dr. Doom did all the work… Punisher was too busy shoving his meat into the meat-grinder.


                Dude! How have you been?

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